Teaching cosmetology is an incredibly rewarding profession, where passion for beauty and passion for teaching meet. As a cosmetology instructor, you will have the opportunity to work closely with students as you guide them through their own programs–and Nathan Layne Institute of Cosmetology can help set you up for success by providing you with the tools and credentials you need to prepare those students for their exciting careers as cosmetologists.

Why Become a Cosmetology Instructor?

Becoming a cosmetology instructor offers a number of great benefits, all of which can help open the door to new opportunities in your professional life. As an instructor, you’ll have opportunities you didn’t have when you were simply working on clients in the chair–and our program can help you get there.

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Being a cosmetology instructor is a great way to have an impact on the next generation of cosmetologists.

Attending an instructor training program will often feel similar to being a cosmetology student. Instructors get to learn more advanced practices and principles through coursework and lectures, similar to how cosmetology students learn. Instructors also have the unique opportunity to oversee the work of cosmetology students as they perform services in the student salon.


You’ve always been passionate about beauty and helping people feel their best about themselves. Now, you can help take that passion to the next generation as you provide them with the tools, tricks, and solutions they need to help their customers feel their best. It’s no longer just about what you have the skills to accomplish or the people you can impact while they’re in your chair. It’s an opportunity to share that passion and experience with the next generation in a way that will leave an incredible, lasting impact.

As a cosmetology instructor, you’ll get to express your passion to your students.

Your passion has defined the last several years of your career. Now, you’re ready to take it to the next level. In many cases, you’ll be able to share that passion with the next generation in a way that will encourage them to show similar levels of excitement when they have clients of their own–and that can make an impact that carries well beyond your classroom.

Impart those great tips and tricks you’ve always wanted to share.

Do you know the perfect trick to helping to settle a child who doesn’t enjoy haircuts? What about tips for understanding exactly what a client wants when they come in–even if they don’t have the right photo or the best way to describe it? Do you wish there were things that your cosmetology instructor had shared while you were going through your own training? As a cosmetology instructor, you’ll have the opportunity to share that information with your own students, which could help prepare a generation of professionals to better address and adapt to the challenges they may face.

Open new doors in your field.

Instructors can earn certifications that might not be available to traditional cosmetology students, including the Nathan Layne Institute haircut and color systems. Without the instructor training program, you cannot add those certifications to your arsenal. With them, on the other hand, you may have the option to open doors in your career that would not otherwise have been possible.

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What Does the Beauty Educator Program Cover?

At Nathan Layne Institute, our instructor training program, which you can find at our Chubbuck location, offers two different courses of study: the 500-hour course, or the 1000-hour course. If you have less than three years of experience working behind the chair, you’ll go through the 1000-hour program, which will provide you with vital information that will help set you up for success as a beauty educator. Do you have more than three years’ experience? You may be able to complete the 500-hour program.

Learn more advanced techniques, practices, and principles.

You’ll learn much the same way traditional cosmetology students learn, but with an additional edge: you’ll get to study techniques, practices, and principles that you may never have been introduced to as a traditional cosmetology student. In many cases, the instructor training program can help you take your own cosmetology knowledge to the next level, including offering solutions that you may never have considered before.

Oversee the work of current cosmetology students.

As a future cosmetology instructor, you’ll get the chance to observe current cosmetology students, offer them tips and tricks, and provide vital assistance as they work with beauty school clients for the first time. You’ll get the chance to become more comfortable providing them with guidance and feedback as well as improving your own skills by having the chance to oversee numerous ways to handle the same concepts and challenges.

In the Beauty Educator training program, we’re not just looking for students who are interested in taking their careers to the next level. We’re looking for students that we might eventually be able to hire to work at the school–which means we’re looking for people who are a great fit for both the training program and the school itself. Even if we can’t hire all our graduates, we work to help them find suitable positions after graduation, setting them up for increased levels of professional success.

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We want to help our students make schooling an affordable option. Financial aid is available to those who qualify, be sure to contact us to learn which programs apply. Learn more here.

Program cost information is below:
Instructor 1000

Registration:  $100.00
Tuition:  $4,650.00
Book/Kit:  $643.40
Sales Tax:  $38.60
Testing/ Licensing:  $268.00

TOTAL:  $5,700.00

Instructor 500

Registration:  $100.00
Tuition:  $3,500.00
Book/Kit:  $643.40
Sales Tax:  $38.60
Testing/ Licensing:  $268.00

TOTAL:  $4,550.00

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