Did you know cosmetology schools often accept financial assistance, such as loans, scholarships, and grants, just like four-year colleges and universities? Beauty schools that take financial aid, like Nathan Layne Institute of Cosmetology, can bring you closer to stepping into a role in this dynamic industry. Here, we’ll discuss some of the options available and how they can translate to a worthwhile investment in your future.

Why Use Financial Aid to Pay for Beauty School?

As a prospective cosmetology or barbering student researching the schools in your area, some of the most comprehensive programs and exciting opportunities have likely caught your eye. However, you’ve also probably noticed the price of tuition, books, and supplies. And while this number shouldn’t deter anyone from receiving the education they want, it often does due to individual circumstances.

Here’s where financial aid comes in handy. Financial assistance for beauty school comes in many forms, and students benefit from it in many ways, including:

  • Savings: Receiving financial assistance means you may not have to work multiple jobs to pay for school – you can spend more time and energy honing your craft.
  • Timeline: Financial aid can streamline your timeline toward a rewarding career, helping you realize your dreams sooner than you would if you had to wait and build up your savings.
  • Accessibility: With financial assistance, students gain greater access to a world-class education.
  • Goals: When costs are less of a barrier, students can carve out a targeted career pathway that suits their strengths and interests best.

While it’s true that many types of financial aid will need to be repaid in the future, achieving a personally and professionally rewarding career often makes this trade-off well worth it in the end. Plus, several forms of assistance are awarded as a gift, minimizing your financial obligations after graduation.

Federal Financial Aid for Beauty School

The first thing prospective beauty school students are often encouraged to do is fill out a federal student aid form. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) can be completed online – just make sure to have the following before you begin:

  • Social security number (or your parent’s social security numbers, if you’re a dependant)
  • Driver’s license number
  • Alien registration number (if you’re not a US citizen)
  • Applicable federal tax information
  • Records of untaxed income, such as child support, veteran’s non-education benefits, etc.
  • Bank and investment account information
  • Your school’s FAFSA code

For the most current information on the documents you’ll need to apply, review the student aid website. Applicants are also encouraged to create an account before starting the FAFSA. This gives you an FSA ID, which is the username and password you’ll use to log into online US Department of Education systems and complete a variety of federal student aid activities.

Please note: Nathan Layne Institute of Cosmetology’s FAFSA code is 016432.

Beauty School Scholarships and Grants

In addition to federal student aid, several beauty schools also accept scholarships and grants for their programs. And unlike student loans, this form of funding doesn’t usually need to be paid back. Many leading organizations and industry sponsors offer funding for qualified students who want to further their education, and some beauty schools offer financial aid of their own. For example, Nathan Layne Institute of Cosmetology offers the Careers That Work Scholarship for eligible high school graduates.

A broad spectrum of beauty school scholarships and grants can be found online. Before applying, it’s always a good idea to touch base with your prospective schools’ admissions departments to see what kind of financial aid they accept. Many students can also gain helpful recommendations from administrators on where to start and pinpoint beauty schools that offer in-house financial aid to those who qualify.

Beauty School Financial Aid for Veterans

Veterans, service members, and qualified family members have several opportunities to receive financial assistance to help fund beauty school education through the GI Bill and other VA education benefits. Prospective students can find out how to apply online. You can even compare possible benefits at approved schools to help you make the best decision for your future – additional information is available at the US Department of Veterans Affairs.

Get to Know Your Options

As a prospective student, only you know your circumstances well enough to make an informed decision about your future. Narrowing down your options and using tools like a cosmetology school net price calculator can help you make a plan that works best for you.

As one of the leading beauty schools that accept financial aid, Nathan Layne Institute of Cosmetology is committed to helping students pave the way toward a rewarding career. For more information about the enrollment process and beauty school financial aid for qualified students in Chubbuck and Pocatello, Idaho, contact us today.