Discover our comprehensive series of permanent makeup courses, designed to be taken individually to suit your career goals. At Nathan Layne Institute, you can learn these in-demand skills from a master permament makeup artist and educator with 15 years of experience.

Our permanent makeup courses include Microblading, Advanced Brow Techniques, Eyeliner, and Lip Blush, each offering intensive and highly individualized hands-on training.

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Now’s the perfect time to add beauty skills under your belt for a career in permanent makeup artistry.

Permanent Makeup Course Overview

Regardless of the facial feature you are highlighting, the core of what you’ll learn in Nathan Layne Institute’s permanent makeup courses is how to skillfully apply semi-permanent pigments to the skin. After taking our courses, you will gain the techniques to do this safely and in a way that delights your customers.

Microblading Course
Training Duration: 24 hours (completed over 3 days)

In our microblading course, you’ll learn how to microblade your clients’ brows, preserving their perfect look and saving them time in the mornings. Through this course, you’ll learn foundational microblading techniques including different hairstroke patterns. You will also learn color theory so you can help your clients choose a flattering shade, as well as understand brow mapping to ensure a high-quality result. Part of the course highlights how you can conduct successful client consultations. You will also learn safety and sanitation to ensure everyone’s health.

Advanced Brow Techniques Course
Training Duration: 24 hours (completed over 3 days)

For those who have already taken the Microblading course and want to deepen their mastery of creating brow looks through permanent makeup, our Advanced Brow Techniques course delves into additional techniques to complement your client offerings. Our experienced instructor will guide you through microshading, the ombre/powder brow technique, and combo brows. As always, safety and sanitation are emphasized. You’ll also learn how to care for and maintain your equipment, configure the needle, and conduct effective client consultations.

Eyeliner Course
Training Duration: 16 hours (completed over 2 days)

Learn multiple techniques to enhance the eyes, including lash enhancement techniques, upper and lower eyeliner techniques, as well as the SofTap technique. Other skills include how to use proper form in stretching the eye area during the procedure, as well as needle configuration. You’ll also learn how to take a client through a successful consultation session.

Lip Blush Course
Training Duration: 16 hours (completed over 2 days)

In this condensed training, you’ll learn lip blush permanent makeup techniques as well as lip mapping, color theory to help select your client’s perfect shade, and client consultation. We’ll also take you through safety and sanitation as well as machine care and needle configuration, all in an individualized learning environment.

In all of our permanent makeup courses, you can expect cutting-edge training with intensive one-on-one time and attention from our experienced instructor. Our training is very hands-on with live models. Included in your enrollment is a kit with supplies you’ll need to practice and start doing permanent makeup.

Note: Our permanent makeup courses are not accredited programs, and students in these courses are not eligible for federal financial aid. To be eligible to enroll in our permanent makeup courses, you must have already taken and received certification in a brief Bloodborne Pathogen Training recognized by the state of Idaho.

Careers After Taking Permanent Makeup Courses

The permanent makeup market is expected to experience healthy growth over the next years, according to research firm Statista. Graduates of our permanent makeup courses can immediately begin their careers as permanent makeup artists. Those who complete the Advanced Brow Techniques course can further specialize and elevate their status to Advanced Permanent Makeup Artists, opening up more opportunities and potential for higher earnings.

Upcoming Permanent Makeup Course Start Dates

Microblading Course
July 13
September 13
November 9
Advanced Brow Techniques
July 27
September 27
November 16
Eyeliner Techniques Course
August 10
August 12
Lip Blush Techniques Course
August 3-5
October 12-14
December 7-9


Permanent makeup artistry offers a fulfilling career for those passionate about enhancing others’ beauty and confidence. If making people look and feel their best is your calling, it’s time to explore what this field can offer you. Contact us to learn more about our permanent makeup courses and see how the Nathan Layne Institute can help you achieve your dreams.

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