A career as a barber offers flexibility and independence, as well as several opportunities to express your creativity. To become a barber, you need proper training and adequate experience, and you gain this education by enrolling at a barber school. Here, Nathan Layne Institute of Cosmetology, a professional salon and cosmetology school serving Chubbuck and Pocatello, Idaho, outlines the duration of the barbering program and the many advantages of enrolling to become a barber.

A Glimpse of Barber School at Nathan Layne Institute of Cosmetology

One of the best features of our barbering program is its relatively short duration. Students can complete the coursework in just under a year, depending on whether or not they choose part-time or full-time schooling. Our barber school entails a combination of classroom learning and hands-on experience. Students who complete this program participate in 900 hours of practical training working in the salon. Besides learning the craft of cutting hair, students in barber school also develop the following other skills:

  • Networking
  • Photo shoots
  • Growing and managing customer base
  • Financial management

These are just a few of the many skills that are learned in barber school at Nathan Layne Institute of Cosmetology. Additionally, students gain assistance with job placement after completion of barber school. The entire education can all be done in just one short year for full-time students.

A Career in Barbering

 There are many great benefits to becoming a skilled, professional barber. This career path is especially ideal for individuals looking for a job that enables them to express their creativity while working in a fast-paced and social environment. As a barber, you’ll trim, cut, shape, and taper hair and facial hair. At barber school, you will attain different methods to perform these various tasks. You will also learn how to use the proper cutting and shaping tools.

A significant portion of being a barber is customer satisfaction, which demands effective listening and strong communication skills. To keep clients happy, you must work with your client to understand what they would like you to do to their hair or facial hair, and then deliver an accurate representation of their wishes. Some common duties as a barber might include:

  • Performing grooming services: As a barber, you will assist in the upkeep of hair and facial hair by shampooing, styling, coloring, and possibly performing scalp and beard treatments.
  • Cleaning and sterilizing tools: Barbers are responsible for cleaning their tools and keeping their space tidy. Cutting hair can be messy, so it is important that barbers sweep and dust hair clippings from their space. Tools like scissors, clippers, combs, and razors all need to meet sterilization expectations, as well.
  • Supplying upkeep: Many barbers need to obtain their own supplies and keep track of re-orders for items like hair products, and treatments. It is also essential for barbers to understand the ingredients in different products to better recommend specific solutions to individual clients depending on their hair/beard type.

A career in barbering can also be very rewarding. As a barber, you’ll help your clients feel good about their appearance, and help keep them looking, and feeling clean and freshly groomed. Additionally, many barbers work with the same clients for years, enabling them to develop relationships with people — a feature found in few other occupations.

Become a Barber with Nathan Layne Institute of Cosmetology

If you wish to attend barber school and pursue a career in the beauty industry, consider Nathan Layne Institute of Cosmetology in Chubbuck, ID. Besides the barbering program, we offer various student resources for additional assistance, including financial aid and help finding jobs. Nathan Layne Institute of Cosmetology is known for its successful job placement and ability to lead students into the workplace upon completion of the program.

For additional information on the barber school program at Nathan Layne Institute of Cosmetology, including questions about its duration, contact us today.