The Electric Chair Salon is located in the heart of downtown Chubbuck. The salon is self-described as having a cool vibe, a focus on technical brilliance, with great music, and a rock and roll environment that is high energy. Their customers say that this is a high-end salon without the pretentious attitude that salons can have.

Ren and Nathan Shaw are co-owners of The Electric Chair. However, you may know them as the owners of Nathan Layne Institute . The Electric Chair offers hair services only, including cuts, coloring, styling, formal up-dos, and chemical texturing. Their specialty in hair services helps all the stylists become masters of their craft. Check out their Facebook or Instagram to tap into their portfolio of style.

In addition to their awesome services, they also provide a unique experience to each guest. The quirky music taste and decor makes the salon different every time you visit. Ren and Nate believe that is the reason that The Electric Chair stands out from their competition; everyone experiences the salon differently. They try to create an experience.

Ren Shaw says: “The vibe is so unique. We get something a lot at the salon, “The music is awesome!” The environment of the salon is really important to me.”

With owners who are dedicated to creating an out-of-this-world salon experience, there’s no wonder why they have a 4.9 star rating on Facebook and Google.

We asked Ren to give us some insight on what they look for when they are hiring an employee, as well as what makes an employee successful at The Electric Chair.

“We look for a few things in an interview. First, we look for attitude. We can train for talent, we hire for attitude. We also look for someone who is always looking to learn. We have our own internal education system in the salon, so they have to be willing to improve on their skills. We want to hire people who provide value for us, but who we can provide value for. Someone with good work ethic and history is key.”

So what makes a good, successful salon employee?

“Attitude. A good attitude will do you well. Customer service is really important. Someone who can give a client a good salon experience is going to do well.”

Ren also told us that they almost exclusively hire new beauty school grads. The Electric Chair is an Nathan Layne Institute salon, so being trained in Nathan Layne Institute products and technique is a bonus.

If you want to experience The Electric Chair Salon, they are located at 783 West Idaho Street, Chubbuck, ID 83702. To schedule an appointment, you can call them! 

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