Have you ever wondered what a cosmetologist does, or what goes into becoming one? At the Nathan Layne Institute of Cosmetology, we’re passionate about everything related to hair, skin, and nails. Beyond that, we’re devoted to providing education to anyone in Chubbuck, ID who is interested in going to cosmetology school. In this post, we’ll go over the five main benefits of becoming a cosmetologist.

Bring Out Your Creative Side

Cosmetology is one of the most creative fields of work on the planet. Whether you provide general services or choose to specialize in a specific area (such as nail care or makeup), you will have the chance to find and bring out the best in each of your clients.

With the Nathan Layne Cosmetology Institute’s 1,600-hour cosmetology program, you won’t be limited to working in a salon, either! Some more creative options when it comes to licensed cosmetologist jobs include:

  • Stylist for photo shoots
  • Editorial stylist for magazines
  • Special effects makeup artist
  • Skincare consultant
  • Image consultant

There is quite a lot of room for creativity inside the salon, as well! Whether a person is looking for a total transformation or just needs help choosing a nail color, you get a brand-new canvas with every client.

Enjoy Your Working Environment

The working environment of a cosmetologist is both flexible and fun. Getting your cosmetology license opens you up to work in spas, resorts, and hotels as well as salons, and many of our graduates end up taking the plunge and owning their own businesses. This gives you the maximum level of control over when and how you work.

If you love hair care, skin care, and nails, and you think of yourself as a “people person,” then there’s a good chance that you would enjoy becoming a cosmetologist.

Cosmetology Is a Growth Industry

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the cosmetology industry (including barbering and hairstyling) will grow by 11% by 2031. This is much higher than the average job outlook in other industries (which has remained steady at around 5%). They also anticipate more than 90,000 job openings for cosmetologists over the next decade.

By enrolling at the Nathan Layne Institute of Cosmetology, you will automatically gain access to our full suite of job placement services. Between these services and the connections you’ll build during your studies, by the time you graduate, you’ll be in a good place to take full advantage of this industry’s rapid growth.

Build Your Personal and Professional Networks

Regardless of where you end up working, you will need extensive experience with real clients before you get your license. You’ll also need an understanding of the business side of cosmetology, which is why our course provides not only hands-on training in the techniques you need to know, but in transferable skills such as self-promotion, financial planning, and networking.

One of the things our students love when they get their cosmetology licenses is the fact that we’ve helped them build their networks from the very start. It doesn’t end there, however: with every new client, you will gain a new chance to build a professional connection — and maybe even make a new friend while you’re at it.

Job Mobility and Flexibility

Moving to a new state can be scary, but there is a growing demand for cosmetologists across the country. You don’t have to stay in Idaho after your training is complete. Our staff will be glad to help you get your cosmetology license transferred to any state, allowing you to work from anywhere you choose. Some of our graduates even get cosmetologist jobs on cruise ships!

How the Nathan Layne Institute of Cosmetology Can Help You Become a Cosmetologist

When selecting a school for cosmetology, it’s important to consider how your program will set you up for success later on. If you’re near Chubbuck, Idaho, the Nathan Layne Institute of Cosmetology is the leading choice for this.

If these benefits of being a cosmetologist sound like they appeal to you, contact us today. Our team of industry experts is skilled not only in their fields but in helping you obtain as much financial aid as you need to make your dreams come true. We provide a full spectrum of resources to our students who are newly starting, as well. Give us a call at (208) 232-9170 or contact the Institute online today.