Updated: September 27, 2019

Cosmetology school can be a great adventure! Learning, practicing, and mastering an art is an awesome way to continue learning and create a dynamic future. Going to cosmetology school may provide you with a job that is satisfying, and loving your job can make life so much better overall! If you’re thinking about going to cosmetology school, here are 10 things you need to know to help make school life more rewarding:

1. Be Happy

Don’t worry, be happy! If you’re happy while at work or school, it can spread. Happiness is contagious. Use your positive attitude to improve your outlook on projects, assignments, and exams.


2. Adapt

Being able to adapt to new surroundings and tasks can help you be a successful cosmetologist. In the beauty field you may have many situations thrown your way. Be ready to handle whatever new things arise. You can do it!


3. Create

Creativity is a key ingredient to being a great cosmetologist and hair stylist. Creating is a huge part of your job description, and it can be one of the best parts of your job as well! Who doesn’t love letting their creative juices flow all day long?


4. Be Curious

Be willing to continue learning, improving, and perfecting your skills. Styles and trends are constantly changing. As a cosmetologist, you have to stay on top of all that change!


5. Commit

Give it everything you’ve got! Don’t hold back. Beauty means something different to everyone and your unique perspective is a valuable asset as you enter beauty school. Commit to your own experience and bring all your past knowledge to the table.


6. Be Friendly

As you enter the fashion industry, you can make lots of friends and create many new relationships. The friendships you make with other students and teachers can continue to be great resources even after you finish school.


7. Listen

Some people share their secrets with their best friend, others with a brother or sister. But everyone shares their secrets with their hair stylist! Be a good listener and respond in meaningful ways. Your clients may love you for it!


8. Stay Current

Know what’s going on in the industry and stay up-to-date on trends. Future clients may look to you for advice and knowledge. Become a resource clients can come back to!

9. Be Passionate

Get excited about your work! Think about all the reasons you love what you do, like making people happy or creating the latest trends. This can make everything feel easier in the long run.


10. Work Hard

This applies to everything. If you work hard you can become an amazing hairstylist. Nothing can help you out in school more than hard work.


Hopefully these tips and tricks can help you in your new and exciting adventure of beauty school.

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