For many, being their most confident selves coincides with having a fresh manicure and pedicure done. And if you desire to provide these kinds of services professionally, you must possess a certain skill set that not only leaves customers feeling their best but also keeps them coming back to you time and time again.

Serving the Chubbuck and Pocatello areas of Idaho, Nathan Layne Institute of Cosmetology offers a reputable Manicuring/Nail Technology program. Here, we explain some of the top nail technician skills that employers list in their job postings, which future manicurists and pedicurists need to be successful in the field.

Knowledge of Products, Tools, and Laws

First and foremost, nail technicians must possess the necessary knowledge of products, tools, and laws pertaining to their services. Aside from meeting state licensing requirements, nail techs are expected to have studied the following:

  • Processes for manicures and pedicures, including acrylics, gels, and related spa treatments
  • Nail art, shapes, and design
  • Best practices for safety, sanitation, and hygiene
  • Salon-quality brands, such as Gelish and Morgan Taylor
  • Customer service and strengthening rapport with clients

Students in the Manicuring/Nail Technician program at Nathan Layne Institute of Cosmetology are taught all of this and more. Our program offers various start dates and spans 13 weeks. Some students are able to complete the 400-hour program in as little as 3.5 months. Whether you want to work at a top salon or start a nail business of your own, you must begin with a reputable education and obtain any required credentials and licensure.

Careful Listening and Attention to Detail

Nail technicians have a simple goal: to please their customers by achieving their vision for their nails. Some clients may just want a regular manicure and wash of color, while others want nail extensions with a certain shape and design. No matter the case, carefully listening to the wants of each customer is a must. This might involve analyzing photos of nail art to ensure

Likewise, attention to detail is a non-negotiable nail technician skill. When executing each service, take the time necessary to properly perform each task without error. This is especially important when it comes to applying nail polish and designs. Do your best to interpret the client’s wishes, and make sure they approve of your work before they walk out the doors.

Personable Communication

As a nail tech, developing a loyal customer base involves more than finesse and skill with nail tools and products. It also has to do with the entire experience you provide. Being able to make small talk with your customer will not only put them at ease but also helps you develop a personal relationship that ultimately helps the customer trust you more with their nails. While some clients are not huge talkers, others might be turned off by a lack of conversation during their appointments, so it’s best to be prepared with personable communication skills – regardless of the customer’s preferences.


Today, few businesses can survive without a sound marketing strategy in place. For nail technicians, being marketable is especially crucial, as manicures, pedicures, and other related services are very common and widespread. Nail technicians must stay up to date on the latest trends in nail art and shapes, as well as how to promote their work on your website and social media pages. If self-employed, nail technicians should ensure that their space is clean and appealing to draw customers in. They should also research local pricing at other salons to ensure their offerings are competitive for their area.

Start Gaining Nail Technician Skills at Nathan Layne Institute of Cosmetology

These are just a few of the nail technician skills we encourage our students to develop at Nathan Layne Institute of Cosmetology. In addition to what we teach in our Manicuring/Nail Technician program, we are proud to assist students in securing job placements, whether they begin their careers locally in Idaho or beyond our state’s borders. For more information about becoming a nail technician, contact us today.